Security, parental and bandwidth controls

Anti-virus software

If you are using Microsoft Windows  try Microsoft Security Essentials  as an alternative to BT Netprotect.
You will need to fully un-install Netprotect before installing the Microsoft software.

I don't want BT NetProtect Plus anymore. How do I remove it?

If you use  Microsoft Windows, then always use an "Limited User" account to browse the Internet, and not  a "Computer Administrator".
This will restrict the ability of viruses, to change your system files.

Checking your network for ports that should not be open to the Internet

You can visit this website Shields UP which will tell you whether you have any ports open to the Internet that
may invite unwanted intruders.
The site is quite safe to visit, and has been around for many years.

Access and parental controls

BT now have their own network based Parental Controls that work on all devices.

Be aware that the Trusteer application settings will need modifying. 
I can't access a number of websites that I've protected with the Trusteer application

Bandwidth sharing and Quality of Service

The BT Home hub does not have any facility to manage the bandwidth allocated to users of your broadband connection.
There are a number of alternatives, including the 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router TD-W8960N
which offers these facilities.

This is described here How do I configure Bandwidth Control / IP-QoS on TP-LINK wireless router

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