Phone information
Please note that it is Openreach not BT Retail that maintain the external network.
However you must report your fault to BT.

You are not allowed to change your master phone socket, as that belongs to Openreach
  1. Fixing phone faults
  2. Reporting Phone Faults
  3. Malicious, nuisance and silent calls
  4. Withhold your telephone number
  5. BT Privacy at home - free caller display and TPS registration
  6. Anonymous Call Rejection - stopping "withheld" calls
  7. Choose To Refuse - Reject unwanted callers
  8. Network Controlled Calling - Restricting repeated outgoing calls to services like the Speaking Clock

You can get free call barring of premium rate outgoing  calls from BT, just ask.

  1. Using your BT Hub Phones with your Home Hub 3 - ADSL version
  2. Using your old BT Hub Phones with your new home hub - Infinity  Version with modem
  3. Using your old BT Hub Phones with the HH5 - Infinity  self install
  4. Turn BT Text on or off
  5. Caller Display problems
  6. BT Inspire 1500 showing the wrong day of the week.
  7. BT Verve 450 help
  8. Telephone wiring Information
  9. More very useful information about BT sockets
  10. Extend your phone to another room using DECT
  11. BT Phone forum

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