NAT (Network Address Translation) problems with games consoles and computers

There are a number of issues, depending on which games console, computer, or home hub version you are using, and whether you are
sharing an IP address with other users (GG-NAT)

You can tell this by looking at this diagram

If you are on CG-NAT, then you are going to have a lot of problems, as people will not be able to connect to your machine.

You will always get Strict NAT.

This problem is mentioned here Unofficial XBOX live Guide

Please see IP address translation/sharing

A lot of other issues can be overcome by making sure you manually set a static IP address to your device, via its own network settings screen, and
not relying on the home hub to do it. Then making sure that any port mapping, is done to that IP address, and not the device name.

Also see this guide on the forum Xbox one moderate NAT on Homehub 5

Setting a static IP address on a Playstation Vita

Setting a static IP address on the Playstation 3

Setting a static IP address on the Xbox 360

Please read this guide first, on which IP addresses to use.

Static IP addressed on the BT Home hub.

This link will give you a guide.

Port forwarding issues

There is also a thread on the main forum, where people have posted solutions.

NAT problems.

This covers a number of consoles, PCs and home hub versions, so you may have to read all the posts, to find a number
of solutions.

Any new posts relating to this issue, should appear on this common thread, otherwise a forum search may help.

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