Why does my Android phone say I am in the wrong place?

Google has a record of wireless networks and their SSID and MAC (BSSID) addresses, it uses this to help with your location,
if you tell your phone to use wireless networks to help with location. This also happens with other portable devices that
use Google as a location aid.

If your home hub has been used at a different house, then this location information will be incorrect. This can also happen
if you are send a new home hub, or buy a second hand one.

You can correct this information by following the instructions on this page Location-based services

It has nothing to do with the IP address of the BT server you are connected to, as this can be anywhere
in the UK, or on rare occasions, the USA.

This subject has been discussed at length on this forum thread.

Why does my home hub think I live in Hampshire?

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