Why is my broadband usage so high?

If you have upgraded to Infinity, then you are quite likely to see a sudden increase in your
usage, because many applications will take advantage of the faster speed, and increase
the connection quality.

Windows 10 warning.

If you are running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, then Microsoft will be downloading a large file of about 3GB
in the background, so it can give you the option of installing Windows 10.
If you are on a limited package, then you are likely to exceed it, and get excess charges.

When Windows 10 is installed, Microsoft willuse your download and upload bandwidth, to distribute
Windows updated to other users.
A Google search should tell you how to prevent this.

What doesn't count against my download allowance?

BT vision including the BBC iPlayer but excluding the iPlayer radio, (which only uses a small amount anyway)

See Does BT Vision count towards my broadband usage guidelines?

BT Cloud

Any data transfer within your own local network, either by Ethernet or wifi.

BT Broadband Talk

BT wifi and BT FON
See Does the number of people who visit my BT Wi-fi Home Hub hotspot affect my usage allowance?

If you are getting close to your allowance, then you can always use your own BT wifi connection, but
it will not be as fast.
See What speed should I get if I connect to BT wifi?

What does count against my download allowance?

You need to be aware that both downloads and uploads count against your usage.

So if you use P2P (Peer To Peer) software to download files, then your upload bandwidth will
be added to your download bandwidth.

If you use the BBC iPlayer on your PC, or another device, then the usage will count against you allowance.
See BBC iPlayer broadband usage

If you have an Internet Connected TV which has the BBC iPlayer built in, then you can reduce the quality of
the video, and that will reduce your usage.
If you are using HD, then changing it to SD will make a big difference.

If you have a Sky box which is connected to the Internet, then this will use a lot of your allowance.

If you use applications that allow video calls, like Skype, then this can use your allowance up very quickly
as the video bandwidth in both directions is added together.

See Skype bandwidth usage

Also other video services like Youtube, will use quite a bit of your allowance, so try to stream in low
resolution if possible, to reduce your usage.

Also, many webpages have embedded videos, which play automatically, and will soon use a lot of your allowance.

This would also apply to portable devices like an iPad or Android tablet computer. All WiFi devices, unless connected to
BT wifi or BT FON, will also use up your allowance.

Check your usage here Broadband usage monitor

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