E-mail problems and information

  1. Which e-mail service am I using?
  2. The new BT Mail and calendar
  3. Logging in to BT Mail
  4. Problems logging into e-mail - a possible solution
  5. Using the Thunderbird e-mail client
  6. BT Help with your e-mail
  7. Your NEW BT Home Page
  8. How to check if your BT Yahoo e-mail address has been hacked
  9. Receiving mail not addressed to you?
  10. Password errors on Windows Mail - forum solutions
  11. Password errors on Outlook - forum solutions
  12. Problems with e-mail attachments - forum solutions
  13. Change your e-mail password - This link points to the BT secure site !
  14. Using e-mail on your mobile phone or tablet computer
  15. Error 553 when sending email
Never respond to an e-mail requesting that you verify your account details, as it will almost
certainly be fake, and you will end up with your account being compromised.

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