BT Retail Customer Service Information

  1. BT Service Status
  2. Customer service guarantee
  3. Extra help with BT services
  4. Free Priority Repair Scheme
  5. BT Terms and conditions
  6. Contact BT - This is the main contact point 
  7. Send an e-mail to BT
  8. Moving home?
  9. I've forgotten my username or password for one of my BT services
  10. Exchange Status Checker

Billing issues

  1. Change back to paper billing
  2. Change/Cancel your calling features to avoid price changes
  3. Viewing old bills
  4. A simple guide to your bill
  5. BT Price List
  6. Why is my broadband usage so high?
  7. Broadband usage monitor
  8. What happens if I go over my usage allowance?
  9. Cancellation Charges
  10. BT Basic - reduced costs for those on certain benefits
  11. Live Chat - Talk to a Support person about your bill or account

If you want to upgrade from ADSL to ADSL2+ when it is available, then call the Customer Options Team
on 0800 800 030


Openreach provide and maintain the external network for all Service Providers that use their copper
and optical fibre cables. They will not deal with end users.

  1. Openreach main page
  2. Ask Openreach to relocate network

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