The new BT wifi service

BT Openzone helpdesk is on 0800 022 3322

  1. BT Wifi - Check Your Status
  2. Opt in or out of BT Wifi, from MyBT
  3. What's my password and username for BT Wi-fi?
  4. BT wifi - the new name for BT Openzone and BT FON
  5. Does my BT Wi-fi usage count towards my home download allowance?
  6. Download free VPN software - You need to be logged into BT Wifi first
  7. BT wifi questions and answers
  8. What if someone uses my BT wifi or BT FON for illegal purposes?
  9. What speed should I get if I connect to BT wifi?
  10. Important information and Fair Usage Policy
  11. My computer connects to BT Wi-fi, Openzone or BT FON instead of my BT Home Hub

If you have problems activating BT wifi on your home hub, first opt out, then opt in again.
Your home hub should update within 48 hours.

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